Our founding charter maintains that the center is governed by an Associated Board. The Board is made of members of the center who are voted on democratically. Executive board members serve for one year, while the general board serves for three. General Board meetings are open to the public.  

Board Meetings: First & Third Monday of each month from 1:30-2:30pm in the Missoula Senior Center alcove. All are welcome. The first meeting of each month, time is set aside for an Open Forum with members.


Newly elected November 10, 2018

Associated Board

  • President: Mike Sweet

  • Vice President: John Rettenmayer

  • Secretary: vacant

  • Treasurer: John Walker

  • Past President: Marge Nordin

Board Members at Large:

  • Pat Janes

  • Donna Drayer

  • Al Goddard

  • Michael East

  • Laxmi VonHoffman

  • Lou Ann Sharkey