Missoula Senior Center

Missoula Senior Center was established to develop, implement and promote programs and services that support the physical, intellectual and emotional health and well-being of Missoula's senior population. We also strive to serve as a focal point for community projects that enhance health, education, recreation and socialization of our members and their families.

Our quilters are a group of talented, dedicated women who love to put the seemingly impossible together and create masterpieces. All the quilts and quilted items are on sale at the Center. They come in various colors, fabrics, and patters. If you have someone you need a gift for, this may be the exact item you have been looking for. Stop by....you never know what you will find!

If you have questions for the quilters, stop by on Fridays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, they are happy to discuss their beautiful work and answer questions. 

Quilters at Work 

Quilters at Work 

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